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Texas Technology University visit The Factory


Texas Tech University or TTU as it is more commonly known to its students, was founded in 1923 in Lubbock, Texas.  Formed of 10 colleges and two graduate and professional schools the university offers 150 undergraduate degrees, 100 masters degrees and 50 doctoral degrees to its 35,893 student population.

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Their visit to the factory commenced with an overview of Fashion Enter and the garment life cycle, followed by a tour of the factory and Q&A’s.  The factory tour enabled the students to see first hand how a garment is manufactured, giving them the ability to understand and see each process in action and the skills required to complete these.

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From the factory floor the students went on to see the Fashion Studio where our design team work with new designers and independent labels.  Here they had the ability to watch sample machinists and pattern cutters working on the latest collections.

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To end the tour, TTU students visited our Fashion Technology Academy and our current students to learn about the courses offered here at Fashion Enter.

Both staff and students commented on how impressed they were with what is done here at Fashion Enter.

“I am amazed with your company and everything you stand for!” – Katy Stauffer

“I absolutely loved this visit, it made my week and trip worth while.  Thank you so very much.” – Sarah Lawrence

“Fashion Enter is the best company we have seen whilst visiting London.  Will hope to work for this company one day.” – April Jo Vega

“I’ve learnt a lot about the ins and outs of the company and this side of the business – it is great to see.” – Victoria Daran

“I’ve learn so many things.  Production; philosophy; quality; employee relations; safety; retail theories.” – Leisha Wamble

“All is not lost for young designers looking to produce – thank you.” – Alicia McDonald.

“Fabulous facility, very impressive.  Very bright and lively which is nice to see in a manufacturing environment.” – Elizabeth

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