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The ‘Factory Uncovered’ continues with M&S



‘Really inspirational and informative. I love learning how a factory works in an in-depth way. Jenny was fantastic! So engaging, I would recommend it to my team!’ Amanda

‘Really insightful into the manufacturing of a product; learnt each stage in making a garment, how long the process is to make each item and the cost involved. Brilliant course for M&S employees – really recommend.’ Chloe

‘I have learnt what you can do is whatever you decide to do in life! The training available looks fantastic. The opportunities are amazing. This course was inspirational. I learnt so much. Best course ever!’ Lisa

This insightful half day workshop provides an opportunity to review first-hand the manufacturing process in a UK factory based in North London. Starting with the Garment Life Cycle the workshop examines the impact quality issues have on pre-production and production in a factory and how this effects lead times.

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