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Fashion Retail Academy students visit The Factory


The first group spent time on the factory floor being taught about the processes involved and understanding how a factory operates to help them understand the buyer’s perspective. The group in the afternoon included Garment Tech students so they were introduced to the CAD/CAM Vetigraph system and how we digitise patterns. 

23 march fra students at fashion studio

The students asked many great questions and following the tour they commented:

‘I have learnt from this seminar factory process and point of view from a buyer or a supplier.’ Emily

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar a lot about factory, buyers, responsibility and fittings.’ Elizabeth

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar the manufacturer’s job is extremely detailed and in order to gain/keep a client the quality has to be very high. The opportunities available for up and coming designers at this academy are very good.’ Jade

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar the manufacturing process, product lifestyle, quality control, government approved and fashion resources. Very helpful and enjoyable experience learnt a lot about manufacturing.’ Zunaira

‘I have learnt from this seminar the factory processes of making a garment and what a factory has to do to become SMETA approved.’ Gabriella

‘I have learnt from this seminar how the production line works, cutting, and the different machines. Interesting to see the factory environment.’ Megan

‘I have learnt from this seminar what to prioritise as a buyer when it comes to production and what standards to expect when I visit a factory.’ Eniola

 ‘I have learnt from this seminar about the 3 key machines used in the production, quality checks, the relationship between the factory and the buyer, health and safety checks, time it takes to produce certain items. Loved hearing from Michela from Joy of Clothes- she was extremely inspiring with her story.’ Beth

‘I have learnt from this seminar how much effort gets put into making a garment both physically and from a business side. I have learnt the importance of understanding, how garment factory is run. I have learnt the true costing of a garment, how to keep cost low etc.

Thank you for having me. I have truly enjoyed myself.’ Dee

We look forward to welcoming FRA students back to the Factory in May!



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