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School of Social Entrepreneurs visit Fashion Enter




The students all in the very early stages of their concepts were given an eye opening insight into what it really takes to make a social enterprise succeed today. Jenny spoke on both a very personal level taking the students through her journey but also on what Fashion Enter as a business has become and its vision for the future. Following the talk the students were given a tour of The Factory and the Fashion Technology Academy so they could see first-hand what has been achieved since 2006. Just a few comments following the workshop were:

Thank you so much for your down to earth, real approach to life and business and for sharing your personal stories with us.’ Arinola

I received a lot of positive reinforcement to keep going with my social enterprise. Jenny is a great speaker, really honest and I really appreciate the reality of starting a social enterprise and know I’m not going mad! Julia

‘Don’t give up! Roberta

‘I have learnt so much from this session. I have learnt to follow my dream and not give up. I appreciate everything Jenny spoke on. It was a very lovely opportunity to have been here.’ Dennis

‘If you aim for the sun you get the sun, you aim for the moon you get the moon, the sky’s the limit! Jenny has opened my eyes and kept me positive with what I am trying to gain.’ Derina

The SSE was founded in East London in 1997 and has since grown to become aglobal network. The SSE now operates in 12 locations across the UK and has schools in Ireland, Canada and Australia. They are continuing to build international relationships, with exciting plans to open in India in 2015.

The SSE uses a social franchise model which helps keep their focus on grassroots movements. All of our schools are operated by local people who understand the regional context for social entrepreneurs.

At the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) they empower people from all backgrounds to create positive social change.  Our courses help individuals start, sustain, and scalesocial enterprises, charities and community projects. They help build confidence and gain practical business skills in technical areas like marketing and finance.

SSE uses an innovativelearning approach, which focuses on real world issues and practices. They also provide courses aimed at established not-for-profits, covering common issues in the charity sector. Whatever stage you’re at in your organisation, they will provide expert support to advance your social enterprise.

So far the SSE has helped over 1,500 social entrepreneurs make the world a better place.

It was fantastic to engage and give the students that extra boost to believe they can do it! Good luck to everyone that came along. 

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