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A Record of Excellent Achievement Rates at the Fashion Technology Academy


The Fashion Technology Academy has a record of excellent completion rates over the past 4-years. As you can see from the figures below the overall achievement rate has improved year on year.


Overall Achievement rate: 91.52%


Overall Achievement rate: 99.04%


Overall Achievement rate: 93.93%


Overall Achievement rate: 86.44%


Overall Achievement rate – 84.97%

These excellent results are down to the learning team – listening and adapting to ensure they get the very best from each and every learner. The FTA currently offers short courses across stitching, pattern cutting and production skills.

Both the Stitching Academy and Perfect Pattern Cutting courses are offered at Level 1 and 2, and there are three Level 1 qualifications within production ‘Fabrics’, ‘Machine Engineering’ and ‘Quality Control’. The Academy is known for its excellent industry experienced tutors and has the unique advantage of being run alongside a busy apparel manufacturing unit which offers a real insight into every stage of the garment production process.

The FTA is an ABC Showcase Center and is also Tick Accredited by Creative Skillset, the government body responsible for skills and training in the UK creative industries.

Here is some feedback from a selection of 2020/21 learners:

Learner A said: “I’ve beenlearning new skills and having an amazing tutor Ana to guide me through.”

Learner B said: “It was insightful having people working on different tasks around at all times and to get inspired and learn from them.”

“I really enjoyed nearly everything about the course. It was a great experience and I have never enjoyed going to school!” – Learner C.

“I learnt to stitch with a flat bed, overlocker, cover stitch and binding machine as well as cutting the fabric more effectively and creating garments.” – learner D said.

“I enjoyed seeing the development and improvements of my skills.” – commented learner E.

Learner F commented: “I liked designing my own garments and then using my new skills to, create the pattern to then make the samples.”

Learner G said: “I enjoyed relating what I learnt within my own designs, I think it was beneficial to always create toiles of my pattern first.”

Learner H added: “ I really enjoyed making the real size toile because you actually see all the pattern cutting perfectly and how it fits.”

Learner I said: “I really enjoyed designing a capsule garment collection, from researching trends and mood boards to communicating designs by using a variety of drawing and media methods. I then put in to practice my stitching skills and learnt about working with different fabrics. There was nothing that I didn’t enjoy on this course.”


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