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Fashion Retail Academy Students Visit The Factory


From Tuesday 3rd October Fashion Enter welcomed two cohorts of students each day, all just three weeks in their course at FRA, and provided them with an insight and guided tour of the garment production process.

Following an introduction of the company, Production Manager Caroline Ash explained the complete garment lifecycle and took students on a tour around the factory so they could understand each stage from the fabric delivery, cutting table, stitching, pressing, quality control and finally packing.

In the Fashion Studio the students were shown the sampling process from what a tech pack is to how the patterns are created, what grading is, creating the toile then the final sample.

As many of the students aspired to go onto a role in buying this insight into how a supplier operates and what it really takes to construct a garment will prove invaluable to their future studies and career.

It has been fantastic to work with the Fashion Retail Academy this week to ensure their new students start their course with an invaluable real industry experience

A few comments following the tours included:

“I have learnt how long it takes to make different types of garments and the different processes which are used to make and send out the garments. The speakers were really interesting and informative. They really engaged well with the students.” Lauren

“I have learnt all the processes of making a garment and the importance of health and safety in a factory. The talk has helped me to expand my knowledge, as I was unaware of the amount of stages one item of clothing has to go through to be made.” Katrina

“I enjoyed my trip very much and cannot fault the experience. I learnt how a factory is run and how some garments are produced.” Ella

“It was a very descriptive visit. I have learnt from the site visit, the ethics within this factory in comparison to other factories.” Caisey


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