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Arcadia CPPD Course


 On Tuesday 11th July employees from Arcadia brands including Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Evans completed a CPPD course at Fashion Enter.  Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.55.03 pm

Offering a bespoke learning experience and first hand insight into the manufacturing of garments for a number of retailers and brands, the attendees were able to learn how their role can impact the production process as well as discovering the many crucial roles that filled to ensure each garment is produced to the highest of standards.

Starting their half day workshop here at Fashion Enter, the group were introduced to the company and had the ability to find out more about how Fashion Enter started and sister companies including Fashion Capital, The FCFTA and Fashion Studio.

Being given a tour of the factory by Production Manager Caroline Ash, the group were able to examine the garment life cycle and discover the impact quality issues have on pre-production and production in a factory and how this effects lead times.

Feedback from the day included;

“I have learnt helpful facts for costing, general info on the industry and how a factory runs.  It was really good training and I have learnt a lot! Can all be used in everyday issues at work.” – Emily, Topshop

“I have learnt everything about a clothing factory! It has been one of the best training sessions I have ever had!” – Jessica, Topshop

“I have learnt from this seminar: I have found this course really interesting and valid to my role. It has made me feel more confident to work and challenge suppliers.” – Andrea, Evans

“This was a really great experience. I was not scared to ask any questions – good atmosphere. I would love to do pattern and cutting experience.” – Kathryn, Dorothy Perkins

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