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George at ASDA Return For Their 3rd CPPD


The cohort consisted of Designers, Assistant Buyers, Garment Technologists and Assistant Merchandisers, all eager to understand and see first-hand how a supplier operates. Having never stepped foot inside a factory before the four-hour workshop provided a unique insight into garment construction including how a garment is costed, lay plans, stitching techniques and exactly how does a factory operate from fabric delivery to final garment delivery. 
They also spent a practical session with the head pattern cutter where they were taught the effect on fitting sessions on a factory’s lead times and given working examples of incorrect fits. 
asda third cppd
Following the workshop the group all gave fantastic feedback and really felt they could take what they had learnt and apply it to their everyday roles. 
A few comments included: 
‘I learnt about how a factory is run and the importance of gaining knowledge of the production process to help with product quality and costings. The day was really useful and informative and it will definitely support me in my role going forward.’ Katie, Designer 4 – 14 girlswear
‘It was good to have an understanding of costing and how much time it takes to make a garment and it was good to gain knowledge of the types of different stitches. I really enjoyed it and I found it very useful for my role, I feel I will be better at my negotiations with the knowledge I’ve learnt. Thank you.’ Yvette, Assistant Buyer
‘I have learnt so much, really useful information about costings, factory efficiency and garment construction. Amazing to have visited the factory and see how it operates. Thank you very much for all the information, it will really help in my day to day jobs.’ Daniel, Assistant Buyer
‘I learnt a lot about costings and factories as I have never been allowed to visit one before. It was really great, I enjoyed the entire day and I learnt a lot – 100% recommended.’ Charlotte, Garment Technologist
asda third cppd 2


‘I learnt how to cost a garment, how to use lay plans, the different types of stitching techniques and seeing production for myself. There was a good amount of time on each activity, it has been really valuable and interesting. Jenny’s story was really interesting and inspiring.’ Victoria, Assistant Buyer
‘I learnt about general factory processes, work stations, costings, I got my first insight on pattern cutting and measurements amends. Really good course I would recommend to other colleagues, great seeing the factory and how it works it was a real eye opener. Jenny was very inspirational I would love to hear more from her and learn more from her.’ Abi, Merchandiser
‘I saw how a factory works, learnt more about costings, insight into pattern cutting to aid my fits feedback. Hoping all this will help me design efficiently with an understanding for my supplier’s. It was a really friendly and informative day. Was great to see a real life factory and the processes. It will be really helpful for my day to day job even as a designer.’ Amy, Junior Designer

We look forward to the fourth group from George at Asda next week! 




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