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LCF Students Visit The Factory


Studying ‘Fashion Product Development and Buying’ the students showed a keen interest in learning how a garment is constructed.

LCF2Whilst their course teaches them about merchandise planning, strategy, marketing, costing, sourcing and trend forecasting in relation to product development, an opportunity to understand the production process and see first-hand the different skills it takes to manufacture a garment proves invaluable to their learning experience.  

The students were given a guided tour by Production Manager Caroline who explained each stage from fabric delivery, laying the fabric, cutting, bundling, machining, pressing, quality control and finally packing out for delivery.

The students commented:

‘This experience has been so useful and interesting, it helps to put the process into perspective. Thank you so much, I am hoping to start my own fashion range and having met and seen the factory I will hopefully be back soon. Lovely environment and workers. This factory is a true asset.’ Sophia

‘I learnt about the entire process when making a garment and the costs in manufacturing. Thank you for showing us your factory it was very interesting and helpful to see all the steps involved in production.’ Maria

‘I learnt different processes and everything that goes into a factory and it was really good to see all that. It was really informative and really great productive UK factory.’ Hanna

‘I learnt about different order types, machinist techniques, overhead charges and garment techniques. It was very fun.’ Camilla

‘It was very useful to see that it is not as easy as it seems to construct garments and the production process. It was very informative.‘ Selin

We look forward to welcoming more students from LCF to the Factory!

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