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George at ASDA complete 2nd CPPD Workshop


The group of merchandisers from the leading high street retailer spent the day at The Factory so they could understand how a UK factory operates and use this knowledge in their daily job roles. 

The workshop commenced with an overview of the garment life cycle and introduction to the factory with CEO Jenny Holloway. Topics such as what is SMETA and Fast Forward audits, how can a UK factory be competitive, why is re-shoring occurring and what is cabbage were all covered. ASDA

The group were then taken onto the factory floor for a demonstration on what happens to the fabric as soon as it is received. They were shown the cutting table and how layers of fabric are cut through using the cutting machine, how the fabric is then put into bundles to be then taken the machinists for stitching before the final quality control and pressing and packing ready for delivery. 

Topics covered also included:

Working with fabric stock held in factories.

How to identify old fabric even if it’s in plastic bag

Fabric testing the factory way – relaxed fabric v laying straight off the roll

Choosing the correct components for the garment.

Understanding fabric consumption and the effects of cabbage. How to stop cabbage.       

What to ask to mitigate cabbage

They then spent a practical session with head pattern cutter Debbie who spoke about the processes, risks and elements of garment manufacturing that are costly to amend and the implications of the changes buyers make.

Follwoing the Production Manager Caroline Ash spoke about how do factories calculate standard minutes, how to incorporate performance related pay for machinists, relating standard minutes to styles and machines and how are AQLs and in work checks really conducted in a Factory Environment. 

Following the workshops comments included: 

‘I now understand critical path times and have a much better understanding of reasons why the supplier may need extensions.’ Amy, Assistant Merchandiser

It has greatly added to my knowledge of the production process, This will benefit my career greatly.’ Chris, Assistant Merchandiser

‘I will be more sympathetic towards suppliers now I know how stressful it can be. Good to gain this knowledge.’ Juddea, Assistant Merchandiser

‘I now have a better understanding of production and the British manufacturing scene. This workshop is very insightful for buyers and merchandisers.’ Lisa, Sourcing 

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