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SilkFred Complete CPPD Course


On Thursday 13th March we welcomed the team from Silk Fred to The Factory for their first ‘Factory Uncovered’ CPPD workshop.  Dividing their time across two weeks, the team this week reviewed the process of garment production, how a garment is costed, lay plans, how factories use standard minutes and what makes an ethical, compliant factory.

Next week the team will return for a practical pattern cutting session with our Head of Patterns and will also be presented with the opportunity to use the industrial sewing machines in our Stitching Academy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 8.06.48 amOn their visit the group commented:

“I have learned from this seminar about how the factory works. How they deal with problems that occur within production and the processes that they installed to solve any issues. I also learned about the garment lifecycle, from the toile right through to the finished garment in production.” Kate Darker

“I have learned from this seminar, how the factory operates as a whole and as a team, I was really interested in the costing of production and how this is completed. It was great to be shown and taught about the entire process from, fabric buying all the way through to the finished garment. This seminar was very informative and well organized. I think it’s great that Fashion Enter Ltd provide these learning opportunities and run an apprenticeship program here which provides learning on the job.” Francesca Raggio

I have learned that cutting fabric for production is an art and takes such skill. There is so much work that goes into it, they have to inspect the fabric that arrives in bulk and have to be extremely well trained for health and safety reasons. The seminar was presented with great communication and was very welcoming, I really felt part of the factory team.” Ana Maria Satie

After I completed the seminar I left with so much more knowledge of how a factory works in the UK. This has really helped me for the future when working with factories myself with my own collection. It makes such a difference when the designer knows how the factory works, this way they can work together in order to get the collection completed efficiently.” Charlotte Dore

I have learned from this seminar about lay plans, factory policies and all the different types of production that the factory does. The seminar in itself provided us with so much information in a clear and easy to understand way. Thank you Fashion Enter Ltd.” Aleisha Hammond

I have learned from this seminar about lay plans, costing, fabric, and factory job roles. It was really interesting to learn about timeframes and trends. The information that was provided was invaluable, it was such an amazing opportunity. Thank you Fashion Enter Ltd.” Amelia Crick

I have learned from this seminar all about lay plans and costing. It was really interesting to learn about cabbage stock and how that develops and the policies with that stock. They also taught us the importance of knowing if you’re being ripped off by your manufacturer. Everything was done so honestly and openly here at Fashion Enter Ltd. such a fantastic seminar.” Faye Williams

I have learned from this seminar about the production process as a whole, from toiling to the finalized product. It was really interesting to learn about SMETA, fast forward audit, fabric consumption, lay plans and how to build on best sellers. It was great to actually see the factory in full flow. Fashion Enter Ltd. was so welcoming and great speakers. Such great communication and the lots of information was delivered. It was such an impressive Factory!” Abbey Bingham

“I have learned from this seminar what SMETA is and why it is so important. It is definitely something that everyone needs to be informed about and this was done so clearly. The tour was great and very informative.” Katy Kennedy

On Thursday 20th April we welcomed the group from Silk Fred back to the factory where they continued their Factory Uncovered workshop with two practial sessions.  They spent time with our head pattern cutter Debbie evaluating patterns, fit and the sealing process. They were shown the reasons of poor fit and the rules to apply to resolve fit. They then went into the Stitching Academy to experience the bite of an industrial sewing machine and basic garment construction. It has been fantastic working with the team at Silkfred!

“I have learnt about the fittings of garments for example; darts in clothes when sewing. I am very thankful for the experience.” ​Aleisha

“Today I have learnt about pattern cuttings, sewing skills and how to deal with issues in garment fits.” Abbey

“The workshop has taught me how to communicate with manufactures and I now have a better understanding of the stitching process.” Emma (CEO)

“I have today learnt about the pattern process and what it is like to do things from a manufacturing point of view.” Amelia (stock manager)

“Today was my first time using a sewing machine and I found the experience to be very informative it was great.” Charlie

“I have learnt about problems with certain types of fits and how they are solved.” Faye

“I have learnt about the process of pattern cutting and key things to consider when working with factories. I also got a chance to use the sewing machine and learnt basic sewing skills.” Francesca (brand manager)


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