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Fashion Business Students Visit Fashion Enter


Aiding the Fashion Business students with all the knowledge they need about how a British manufacturing operates, the students, who are currently studying a textiles module, were greeted by CEO Jenny Holloway.

Informing the students of the manufacturing process of a garment, the group were able to see and gain an understanding of the process from initial idea right through to delivery.  Providing insight into what makes the factory SMETA and Fashion Forward approved and what this actually means, the students were able to understand just how crucial this is for any manufacturing company.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 10.10.26 amLeading the students to the factory, they were able to see first-hand the use of industrial machines. From the cutting table to sewing machines, quality control stations and over lockers, they expressed their surprise at how many machines are actually needed to create a garment.

The students then visited our Fashion Studio where they had the chance to see our pattern cutters in action, before meeting our own students in the Fashion Technology Academy.

Upon finishing their educational visit with us the students commented;

“I have learnt from this seminar, the different processes of garment manufacturing. I was surprised at how many different types of machines go into manufacturing, it was very intuitive. The seminar was extremely informative and insightful. I’m so glad I got to have this opportunity.” – Shennin Pieries 

“I have learnt from this seminar all the different roles that are involved in the production process and process of lead times.” Jessica Giagmini 

“I have learnt from this seminar all the different types of machinery that go into production. Another interesting fact I’ve learned is the process of ‘cost price’ I had no idea about this until today. I really appreciated Jenny’s honesty throughout the seminar too.” Luke Gotail 

“I have learnt from this seminar the realistic approach towards what happens behind closed doors at Factory in the UK. It was extremely informative and an eye opener.” Laura Koehlfr 

“I have learnt from this seminar more about the production process as a whole and the internal roles of the factory.” Nicole Curtis 

“I have learnt from this seminar more about this point of view of the factory, it was really interesting to see this side as I have worked in retail before, selling the final product.” Sasha Wood

“I have learnt from this seminar, a lot of the different job roles and how important each role is and how the factory works as a whole.” Calzetta Marion


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