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Fat Face Complete CPPD Course


Attending another CPPD course on the 5th April 2017, Fat Face employees were able to see and hear about how a British Manufacturer produces garments in an SMETA and Fast Forward audit approved factory here in London.

fat face cppdKick starting their workshop with CEO Jenny Holloway who provided insight into the operations of Fashion Enter and sister companies, the group had the ability to learn about all aspects of business.  Prior to arriving the group were asked to submit a series of questions that they were interested in being answered during the workshop and so the following issues were also discussed;

        What issues do you face as a supplier working in England compared to being a supplier abroad?

        What are the benefits of manufacturing in the UK as opposed to abroad?

        What things tend to cause a supplier to have delivery problems or sending things late?

        What is the best lead time you can do?

With Production Manager Caroline Ash on hand to advice the employees on the production process here at Fashion Enter, she informed the group that “we can turnaround a design concept to finished garment in just 3-weeks” and “manufactures up to 7,500 units a week with a minimum order quantity of 300 units”.  Before adding that common problems in a factory that affects a retailer include fabric faults and fabric cutting, sewing, cabbage and lay plans which can impact the delivery or sending of garments.

The group then spent a practical hand on session with Head Pattern Cutter Debbie Smith where they learnt the implications of fit comments and the effect of fitting sessions on a factory’s lead time.

Upon finishing their time, the group commented;

“I have learnt about a UK factors and how it works. I have also learnt about SMETA, cabbage etc which I had no idea about and I also learnt about costings. All the information was extremely useful.” Jemma (Buyers Admin Assistant)

“I have learnt more knowledge of garment production.  I’ve also learnt how to look for good and the bad from the garments.” Hannah (Assistant Buyer)

“I have learnt about the factory process, industry tricks and cheats and knowledge of clothing from the patterns to the machines.” Kathy (Assistant Garment Tech)

“I have learnt how to be more aware of suppliers demands. I also learnt how garments are made. there was also a real insight to how a factory is run.” Martha (Buyers Admin)

“I learnt what to look out for as a buyer, it was very insightful and Jenny Holloway was great.” Kara (Buyers Admin)

“I learnt more about the supplier’s view, the detail that goes into garment production and things to look out for when buying garments. I thought everyone was really friendly.” Lottie (Buying Admin)

“I learnt about the importance of DMB and factory relationship. I also learnt about costing and what to look for in fit sessions” Sirioc (Buyers Admin Assistant)

“I learnt about the process undertaken by the factory, how this affects my work and vice versa. I also have a better understanding of the costing process.” Amy (Menswear Buyers Admin)

“I have learnt about the manufacturing in the UK and the opportunity of doing fast fashion.  It was overall a good experience.” Marzia (Responsible Sourcing Assistant)

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