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Regents University Visit Fashion Enter


On the 23rd March we had the pleasure of welcoming students from Regents University London to the Fashion Enter factory to see how garments are manufactured by a British manufacturing company. Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.22.22 am

Conducting the tour, Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Enter, informed the group of the many services offered by the company and how each company has a major role to play.  She also discussed the importance of being an ethical manufacturing and supporting the Made in Britain network that we take great pride in.

Throughout the factory tour the students were able to see and meet numerous members of the team.  From the factory manager to the production manager, designers and the Fashion Studio team, Jenny ensured that each role was discussed and gave insight into how whilst each member plays their own vital part, as a team it is crucial to work together throughout the production process.

Upon finishing their tour and visit to the factory the students commented;

“I have learnt how and where the garments were made and I’ve seen how that process comes together. It was wonderful and very informative.” – Weron

“I’ve learned that there is more to the process of garment production than many think. I thought it was a great experience to see what we have been discussing in class in person. Very thankful for the experience.” – Alyssa

“I’ve learnt about the production of garments and thought the entire process was great and the environment was wonderful. Today has been very informative and interesting.” – Katia

“I have learnt everything that goes into the production of garments and also about price points. It was very interesting and informative.” – Daisy-May

“Thank you so much for your time today. We were small in numbers but the students and myself thoroughly enjoyed your tour & found it incredibly interesting. It was wonderful to meet such a proactive supporter of British Manufacturing. I very much hope Theresa May visit’s soon.” – Fleur

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