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Princes Trust Visit The Factory


The young people who were all on the week long course ‘Get into Fashion’ organised by ASOS and the Princes Trust had the opportunity to see inside our factory and learn about the courses available at the FTA.

They all had a keen interest in fashion and were eager to learn how a garment is actually created. Production Manager Caroline Ash took the group on a tour of the factory where they learnt where the fabric is delivered, how layers of fabric are cut on the cutting table, how they are put into bundles ready to be sent to the machinists to stitch before being pressed and qc’d ready for packing and delivery.


A few comments following the tour included:

‘I have learnt the importance or factory visits, what to look out for and how different machines do different things. Excellent company which is really helping to prepare the future generation by offering courses and helpful products and general advice. Thank you’ Daniel

‘I learnt that different machines are used for different things. Courses are available, why pattern cutters are hard to find. Venue is good, love the diversity, the prayer room is an excellent plus and well respected people.’ Carla

‘I learnt generally how a factory is run. l learnt about fabric cutting and different materials. It was a professional set up a good tour of the factory and the opportunities. Makeda

On 22nd March Fashion Enter will meet the Princes Trust team again at the ‘Get Hired’ event where young candidates on the ‘Get into Fashion’ programme will be looking for opportunities into the fashion industry.  

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