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Arcadia Group Assistant Buyers Attend Factory Uncovered CPPD


The aim to provide an insight into how a manufacturer operates so the client can understand how to communicate effectively when placing an order.  

The workshop commenced with an introduction and overview of the garment life cycle from CEO Jenny Holloway including an insight into what affects margin for a retailer, why do factories put up their prices, what is an open costing, how do factories use standard minutes, what is the calculation used and how is it derived.

The group then spent a session with head pattern cutter Debbie who explained that the communication between the buyer and the manufacturer was so important to ensure efficiency. If the buyer can talk the same language and explain why a dart should be placed there or why the sleeve should be shorter rather than simply instruct than that makes the whole process much more efficient and there are less likely to be issues with fit.

cppd arcadia group

They then went onto the factory floor to understand what happens to the fabric once it reaches the cutting table and the skill it takes to cut the fabric and bundle it ready for stitching.

They learnt how to choose the correct components for the garment, understand fabric consumption and the effects of cabbage, are the right machines being used – are they serviced, how can you tell, what makes a SMETA approved factory compliant, what to look for to gain immediate confirmation that a factory is compliant and why are deliveries late.

Overall another great success for the CPPD workshops for industry –

‘Great introduction, covered lots of topics in a very accessible way. Really enjoyed the course – would recommend.’ Beccy – Senior Sustainability Manager

 ‘It’s so great to be able to see how a factory works! It makes everything much clearer.’ Grace – Assistant Buyer – Wallis

‘I learnt about the process from placing an order to it going on to the shop floor. It’s been very educational and I would strongly recommend.’ Natasha – Assistant Buyer – Dorothy Perkins

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