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Bath Spa University Visit Fashion Enter


The first year fashion students from Bath Spa University visited Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy to see and learn about the manufacturing process of a garment and how a SMETA approved factory works.

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CEO Jenny Holloway welcomed the young group into the factory with open arms.  Starting their morning with a presentation that informed them of all of that happens here at Fashion Enter, Health and Safety within the factory, the life cycle of a garment and the sister companies of Fashion Enter the group were eager to see this for themselves.

Leading them to the factory floor, Jenny showed the students all of the different stages of the manufacturing process of garments for companies including M&S and ASOS.  From initial pattern cutting stages to fabric selection and checking the final garment before it gets sent to the retailer or etailer.  From the factory floor the group then visited the Fashion Studio and the FTA to see our education facilities and hear about the numerous courses we offer.

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On their visit the students commented:

Today I have learnt the stages and skills that go into the manufacturing of a garment and the stages of quality control… I find the way the company has been set up incredible, especially the passion that has gone into it.  The way you are trying to help new designers and fashion new comers via your courses and services is wonderful.” – Morgan

“I have learnt how the factory works and what is takes to complete the processes… It was a very pleasant experience and also eye opening.  The opportunities are very wide and encouraging as well as inspiring.”

“I have learnt so much in this seminar about how a factory works and seeing it first-hand has made a huge difference.  I loved Jenny’s stories, they have really opened my mind to the fashion industry and the bigger picture.” – Whitney

“This seminar has given me great insight into how a factory works – something you could never fully get without being here.  I have a huge appreciation for the hard working staff.” – Harri

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