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Knights Templar School Visit Fashion Enter!


15 students currently studying towards their GCSE’s at Knights Templar school visited the Fashion Enter factory where they were presented with a tour of the factory and had the opportunity to meet the Fashion Studio team as well as stitching academy lecturers and learners – giving them first hand insight into how not only a manufacturing company works, but also how a studio works along with the education facilities and courses provided here.

Upon arrival Jenni Sutton, Development Manager, introduced herself to the learners and gave them an overview of the company including how the company was born by Jenny Holloway, services offered, garments produced, education services and much more. 

Moving on from this initial introduction, the students were taken to the factory floor where they, for the first time, saw what exactly happens within a large manufacturing company.  Factory manager Chris was on hand to explain to the young adults what happens in the factory, showing them how the pattern cutting machines work before walking them around to see all of our wonderful skilled machinists sewing away to produce ASOS.com and M&S garments to a high standard.

 Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 13.01.28

Upon completing their time with Chris, Rosie, our Fashion Studio assistant, invited them to see what she does and what services are offered in the studio.  Explaining that the studio caters for a smaller scale of production for designers, students were presented with the opportunity to see some of the garments being created.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 13.11.26

Leaving the studio and moving onto the pattern cutting room, Jenni informed the school of our perfect pattern courses that are currently being taught by tutor Alice. 

Last but not least, Stitching Academy tutor Melissa welcomed the 16 year olds into the classroom where a number of our current students were hard at work.  Here, she informed the students of the courses available and showed them an example of a portfolio for the 6-week Level 1 course.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 13.24.36

Having finished their tour, students commented the following;

“Today I learnt how garments are made and manufactured, including the different stages of production… It was interesting to see everything operating, for example, the sewing machines and other machinery.”

“I’ve learnt that in order for me to be a designer I should look to take a sewing course.”

“From the tour I found out the different courses available at the stitching academy and how clothing is manufactured… I found the day very informative!”

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