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Sourcing Manager Job Profile

December 8, 2023 - December 8, 2023   

Find out the typical duties requirements and opportunities of the Sourcing Manager”¦

Job Description:

As a Sourcing Manager you’ll work with business stakeholders and the Senior Category Manager to ensure that the sourcing activity is delivered effectively and contracts are reviewed and negotiated. You’ll utilise the Business Sourcing Process, whilst guaranteeing maximum value and innovation. It’ll be your responsibility to ensure the contracts remain in force, and are effective and kept up to date with market trends, price, customer service competitiveness and regulatory change. The manufacturing process is monitored from inception through to completion, and the Sourcing Manager will analyse the process to determine whether to use the supplier again or seek out higher quality or more cost-effective providers. The job entails confirming the terms of all contracts, licenses, insurance and liability agreements for each source being used.



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