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May 23, 2024 - May 23, 2024   

Do you do it? Asks Life & Business Coach Eric Gilston…

This is a skill that you should try and master. Why? Because it will reduce stress, and make you more productive and alert when you wake up.

When you were a toddler, can you remember what you were like if you didn’t have that little nap around lunchtime? Yes, that’s right. You were miserable and irritable. So why did you drop the habit of having that lovely nap that we all know we’d love?

You’d be in very good company if you could master the Power Nap. How about the Great Napolean, John Kennedy, Leonardo da Vinci and Winston Churchill, to name but a few?

Maybe we should start a campaign and see how many companies would be willing to conduct an experiment whereby they allow employees to have a 20 minute Power Nap soon after lunch? Initially, it could be on just two days a week, say a Monday and Friday, and Management can judge whether the employees were different on those afternoons compared to the other three days? It also doesn’t have to be ALL employees as it is only a pilot. So, just a few on each occasion.

Surely, companies would love to see afternoons where their staff had improved moods, were more creative and were able to concentrate more?

Winston Churchill actually quoted: “Nature has not intended mankind to work from eight in the morning until midnight without that refreshment of blessed oblivion which even if it lasts only twenty minutes is sufficient to renew all the vital forces”.

It would appear that America leads the way in believing the effects of Power Napping. A number of the large companies there have installed staff rest rooms with special chairs especially suited for Power Naps. I cannot believe that there are not a few companies in the UK who have done likewise, but, it is my view that many more are needed. Why do I believe that? Quite simply because of the numerous benefits, some of which have been mentioned already.

A few other benefits to consider are:- It is good for the heart, reducing the risk of heart disease; improves the functions of the brain and our reflexes; and strengthens our memory and consciousness.

Away from work, how many times have you been driving your car and you suddenly feel tired? I’d love to know how many of you immediately find somewhere to stop where you can have the Power Nap that your brain is telling you that you need NOW? I would say very few of you, and so you keep driving putting you, your passengers and other drivers in danger. Is this right?

I suppose that you are now thinking that you would like to try and have a Power Nap, but not too sure whether there are any key pointers that would help you?

So, let’s try the following for starters. I would recommend that you try and sleep for just 20 minutes, but without any interruption. So, find a space where this can take place, and as difficult as this may sound, don’t answer your phone but set the alarm on it. A good time to start would be around 2p.m.

Power Naps are most useful when you are tired, so don’t try and force one. If you can find a room where it is dark and you can have some soft music in the background, then this will help.

Prior to the start of your Power Nap, clear your mind from what’s been going on and what will be going on after the Power Nap. Simply think about some nice things going on in your life.

I could go on, but I believe that you can now decide whether Power Napping is for you. If you do try it, then please let me know about your experience. I would love to hear from you at eric@coachandcourses.com 

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