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Personal Stylist Job Profile

April 15, 2024 - April 15, 2024   

Find out the typical duties, requirements and opportunities of a personal stylist… 

Personal Stylist

Job Description 

A personal stylist is different to a wardrobe stylist, as personal stylists tend to be freelance instead of working within a company. They don’t do much editorial work, unless it involves one of their clients. To do this position you will have to manage your own clients, and be able to satisfy their needs by delivering a personal and individual styling experience. Don’t get personal shoppers confused with personal stylists. Personal shoppers are slightly different to personal stylists, because they tend to just purchase and guide the clothes to ordinary customers. Whereas a personal stylist, will not be based in a boutique or shop and will provide a more intimate service to celebrity clients and the wealthy, usually coming to their home or place of work.

Typical Duties 


Job Requirements and Opportunities

There are no particular job requirements anybody can start doing it, as long as they have the confidence to do so. Starting your own personal stylist career, can lead to bigger things and more job opportunities. You may end up working for a fashion publication, TV show or celebrity.

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