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May 23, 2024 - May 23, 2024   

What are yours? Asks Life & Business Coach Eric Gilston…

Another year begins. Yes, it’s 2020.

I wonder how many of you, as December 2019 was approaching, were saying, “I just cannot believe how fast this year has gone.” I know that I’ve been saying this for many years now.

It is therefore so important that if the years are going by so quickly, that we are able to go back and review what a great year it has been for each and every one of us.

So, it all starts with some New Year’s Resolutions. What are the favourites? I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to give up smoking. I’m going to spend more time with my family and less time in the office. Give up drinking or maybe reduce the amount of drinking. Get fitter, etc. etc.

I’m not sure, but I think that the statistic is around 90% of those people who make resolutions do not actually achieve them.

Why do you think this is? The reason for me telling you is that there could be some people reading this article who are part of the 10% that sincerely want to achieve their New Year’s Resolution.

In my view, in order to be an achiever, you have to make your New Year’s Resolution more specific. Let me give you some examples. I want to lose 7lbs by the end of March 2020. I want to give up smoking completely by the end of January 2020. I’m going to leave the office at least twice a week by 6 p.m. starting on January 3rd. I’m going to stop sharing a bottle of wine with my wife every evening at supper starting on Monday January 2nd 2020. I’m going to run to work at least twice a week starting on January 9th.

You then need a WHY you want to have that specific New Year’s Resolution. Again, let me give you some examples. I have some clothes in my wardrobe that I really want to wear again. I have been to the Doctor who has told me that my health is deteriorating. I haven’t been able to put my children to bed for two years now. I know that the amount of alcohol I’m consuming is not good for me. I get out of breath very quickly, etc. etc.

I hope that you are getting the picture about what you need to do in order to actually achieve your New Year Resolution, and get 2020 off to the greatest start to a year that you have ever had.

It is also important when you state your New Year’s Resolution that you write it down AND you tell someone about it. Both of these show that there is a commitment on your part to actually achieve your goal. So, make sure that you do at least one of these and you’ll be at the start of a great journey to achievement and fulfilment.

Going back to one of the New Year Resolutions mentioned, viz. I want to lose 7lbs by the end of March. This is so specific, as should any of your New Year resolutions, that you will not only be able to measure your success along the way, but also you will be able to motivate yourself by your short term successes.

Let me explain, you might write down that you will lose 3lb by the end of January. Imagine how you would feel when this has been achieved. Then, you might write down that you will lose a further 2lb by the end of February, and the final 2lb by the end of March. Goals that are all realistic and achievable.

Now it’s your turn. So, if you would like to know more about New Year’s Resolutions, then please email me at eric@coachandcourses.com

Or join me on my next masterclass held at FashionCapital HQ in North London.

By Eric Gilston

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