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Model Job Profile

July 19, 2024 - July 19, 2024   

Find out the typical duties requirements and opportunities of a fashion model… 

Job Description 

A model is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for works of art. As a model you could display catwalk, editorial or commercial fashion. The job involves travelling all over the world to events, shoots and shows. A Career as a commercial or fashion catwalk model does not last forever. In fact, there is an age limit set for aspiring catwalk models as well as commercial fashion models. Girls who are aspiring to become catwalk models, must start at a very early age around 15 – 22, while boys can start their modeling career between the ages of 18 – 25. There are also a number of different modeling opportunities such as hand, feet, leg, hair and face models.

Typical Duties 


Job requirements

You need no educational qualifications to be a fashion model but, you must have a unique image, be the right size and height as well as show enthusiasm and be relaxed when on the catwalk or in front of a photographer. Your height is a very crucial factor if you are considering the high fashion industry. Top agencies such as Elite and Ford require a girl’s height to be between 5’8″ to 6’. Other requirements for high fashion female models are: Bust: 32-35″Waist: 22-25″Hips: 33-36“ If you weren’t blessed with height, but have a knack for selling, commercial modeling may be just what you want. You will need to practice giving the look that will help sell the product. If you are one of the lucky ones with a flawless complexion, you may decide on becoming a beauty model. For those that have a great body and don’t mind showing it off, glamour modeling may be your choice. Height is not an issue in glamour modeling, but you must have a toned body with 34-B Bust, 22-24″ Waist and 34″ Hips. If you are none of the above but still fancy a shot at it, try artistic modeling, there are no specific requirements for this.


You will meet lots of new people, and maybe even celebrities. You will be given the opportunity to travel all over the place and will have your images published online and in magazines. The average model doesn’t earn a great deal of money. The median wage for commercial and print models in 2006 was recorded at about £7.00 per hour.  Print models may work for manufacturers, stores, etc. for little or no pay. Experienced print models can make between £125- £400 per hour. Some print models do not work with an agent. The ones that work with an agent must give 15 – 20 % of the model’s earnings to the agent. Famous print models can make thousands of pounds. Male fashion models makes less than females. Being a famous male model could mean you make at least £300,000 per year. Designer clothing and fragrance ads pay the most money.

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