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Model Agent Job Profile

April 16, 2024 - April 16, 2024   

Find out the typical duties requirements and opportunities of a model agent…

Model Agent

Job Description 

Most fashion model agents are people who have previously been a part of the modeling industry. They must have a broad knowledge of fashion, modeling, photography, casting agencies, and directors as well as how they are all connected within the industry. They will be able to determine a models’ potential and find events or castings that are right for each particular model and their strengths. Agents will attend catwalk shows and open casting calls to find new models to bring into the field, as well as maintain schedules, appointments and photo shoots for existing models working under their agency. Some model agents work independently and manage various models looking for work, while others work for one specific company that hires models and manages the models working under their brand.

Typical Duties

Job requirements 

There is no specific degree for someone who wishes to work as a fashion model agent. Most agents need to be familiar with the media industry, so a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, marketing or public relations is a good way for a potential agent to get their foot in the door. Most jobs in any media or managing type of industry will mean you work your way from the bottom. The first step is to start off as an intern or apprentice under an experienced agent. You will then be occasionally working on casting calls and helping to schedule appointments and events for models. The best way for an aspiring agent to gain contacts and move up in the field is to work for various agencies and train with several agents in order to get a feel for how the job works.


Most fashion model agents start off working for an independent agency that manages local models in their city. This helps agents to become known throughout various organizations and gain contacts and resources for people who are hiring models from the area. If someone aspires to be an independent agent and work exclusively as their own business for several models, they will have to show that they have this experience and knowledge in order to provide the best career opportunities for each model.

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