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Making the Most of Your Dressing Room

April 15, 2024 - April 15, 2024   

Whether you are selling clothing or would like a dressing room, in addition to your bedroom, there are a few key things to consider to make the most of the space. The aim is to create a stylish and relaxed area that is big enough to stand back and view an entire outfit. Setting up a dressing room at home can help organise clothes, shoes, and products which is particularly useful when you are on a short schedule in the mornings. Here are key points to consider:

The addition of lighting

Lighting can be incredibly important in any room. When you are trying on an outfit or getting ready at home, you may want to check that your clothing / accessories match, hair is styled appropriately, and your beard looks neatly trimmed and shaped.  Good lighting is also essential for applying any makeup. The use of LED tape from Ultra LEDs can greatly help with this by allowing you to have additional lighting in an area that is often quite dark. This could also be useful at home if one partner is still sleeping while the other gets ready, and you don’t want to have to turn on the main light and disturb them. While this could be placed near the floor or ceiling, you could also use it to create a border around a mirror or a section of the dressing room. The idea is to create light that shows up clothing tones and details without over exposing or creating light that is cold and harsh.

Use of mirrors

The use of the right mirror can also be incredibly important when getting ready. Although some tables may have small mirrors ideal for applying makeup, or putting contact lenses in, these may not allow you to see how your whole outfit looks. To rectify this issue, it could be helpful to  hang a large mirror in this space. One that is long enough for you to see your entire body could be the most beneficial. You could use this to mix and match pieces against you, even before you put them on. A full length mirror will not only benefit those outfit decisions, it will also help to make the space seem brighter and bigger. Some dressing rooms position two full length mirrors so that users are able to check out their outfit from all angles.

Consider the colour scheme

A dressing room is usually quite a confined space, for this reason, you need to consider a good colour scheme to open it up so that it doesn’t feel cramped. Depending on how you want the room to feel, you could put together a colour palette that makes you feel either relaxed or inspired. If the dressing room is located in a shop you need to consider cohesive colours and details that echo the look of the store. This can be done with highlight colours or matching dressing room furnishings. The walls and furnishings can be painted, bought, or altered to meet those needs. This can be achieved on a small budget too, perfect for those who want to keep costs down.

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