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It’s All in the Name – Why Choosing the Right Brand Name is Vital

April 14, 2024 - April 14, 2024   

“Selecting a brand name for a fashion business is a critical decision that can significantly impact its popularity and success. Aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry should exercise careful consideration when naming their brand, as it is one of the key elements that can shape their business’s fortunes.”

JOOR, the world’s premier wholesale management platform, found that German sports brand, Adidas, is the most misspelled fashion brand on the internet, with an average of 556,000 online misspellings per month. Despite being Europe’s largest sportswear brand, many struggle with the spelling – common search variations for Adidas include ‘Addidas’ (487,000 monthly searches) and ‘Addias’ (48,000 monthly searches).

In second place is luxury French brand Chanel, with an average of 408,700 inaccurate online searches a month. JOORdiscovered that those searching for Chanel are typically misspelling it as ‘Channel’ (402,000 monthly searches) and ‘Chanell’ (6,700 monthly searches).

Swarovski is in third position with an average 85,300 monthly spelling mistakes. The Austrian jewelry giant has often been misspelled as ‘Swaroski’ (61,000 monthly searches) and ‘Swarvoski’ (16,000 monthly searches).

Other brands in the study include Moschino (14,150 misspelt monthly searches), Calvin Klein (11,800) and Cartier (11,000).

Top 15 most misspelt fashion brands online:

Ranking Brand name Commonly misspelled online as Number of online misspellings (per month)
1 Adidas AddidasAddias 556,000
2 Chanel Channel
3 Swarovski Swaroski
4 Louis Vuitton Louis vittonLuis vuitton 78,700
5 Versace VersacheVersage 64,500
6 Jacquemus JaquemusJacquemis 42,350
7 Asics AscisAscics 37,400
8 Christian Dior Cristian diorChristan dior 30,300
9 Moncler MonclairMonclear Monclare  25,500
10 Bottega Veneta BotegaBoteggaBottega venetta  25,100
11 Tommy Hilfiger Tommy hillfiger
Tommy hilfingerTommy hillfigure
12 Lacoste La costeLocaste 19,400
13 Tag Heuer Tag huer
tag heur
14 Vivienne Westwood Vivian WestwoodVivien westwood 16,600
15 Dolce and Gabbana Dolce gabana 16,000

Experts from JOOR reveal five top tips on choosing the right brand name for your company:

  1. Be unique – The fashion industry is very competitive. Choose a brand name that is distinctive and makes your business stand out against competitors.
  2. Is the name globally recognisable? It is essential to consider the linguistic and cultural implications of your name. It needs to be easy to say and spell across locations, languages and cultures, to avoid confusion and even negative associations with the brand – a simple, recognisable concept will make communication easier, leading to increased marketability and success in a global context.
  3. Is it visually pleasing? Ensure it can be clearly communicated through colours, icons and logos – within the fashion industry, an aesthetically pleasing logo is also really important.
  4. Create a story behind your brand name – Creating the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind a business will help you to envisage the perfect brand name, making it more personable and memorable, allowing consumers to relate better.
  5. Does it have future scalability? As your business grows, your brand name should be able to scale with it. Consider whether your brand name will be relevant in the long-term and avoid choosing something that might become outdated.

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