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Garment Technologist Job Profile

April 14, 2024 - April 14, 2024   

Find out the typical duties requirements and opportunities of a garment technologist… 


Job Description

As a garment technologist you could be employed by a large high-street retailer, or garment manufacturer. Garment technologists support buying and design teams through all stages of product development, from design to manufacture. You will carry out a range of technical, investigative and quality control work to ensure the end product performs to specification. The job involves working in an office, but you must be willing to travel to meet supplier, customers and manufacturers.  You will work closely with designers, graders, buyers and pattern cutters. The hours are usually around 38 hours a week, but over time may be needed to ensure collections are produced on time.

Typical Duties


Skills and Interests

Career Progression 

With experience, you could progress to Senior Technologist, Quality Controller or Technical Manager. 


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