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Fashion Photographer Profile

June 21, 2024 - June 21, 2024   

Fashion photographer’s take high resolution images of models, for catwalks, portfolios and commercial use.





Job Description

Fashion photographer’s take high resolution images of models, for catwalks, portfolios and commercial use. As a fashion photographer you must be able to take wonderful pictures of clothing, accessories and models. Then you have to ensure they appeal to the targeted consumer. Usually fashion photographers determine certain moods for photo shoots and aim to capture the moods within still images. To be a fashion photographer you need to understand the specification given from clients, and use it as a base for your pictures. You may be required to stand for long periods, and you will have to use photo editing programmes to create picture perfect images. You could be self -employed or work for an agency. Around half of all photographers are freelancers.

Typical Duties

Skills and Interests


Job Requirements

It is possible to get into this profession without a relevant qualification, as many photographers are self-employed. Although freelance work may be solitary at times, photographers also need the ability to blend quickly into work teams and to build rapport with different people, for example when working on shoots. If you apply for a role within a company, you may need a qualification to prove your knowledge. It is virtually essential that you have significant work experience. Personality, perseverance and patience are all essential, and dedication is needed to get a foot in the door.

Although this area of work is open to all graduates and diplomats, a qualification in the following subjects may increase your chances:


To begin a career as a fashion photographer most people work their way from the bottom, so start as a studio assistant or assistant photographer. You will then be expected to gain experience and learn over time, eventually progressing to become a main fashion photographer. You can register with the Association of Photographers (AOP) if you want to be listed as an available assistant. Experienced photographers can become studio managers in large photographic studios. Many photographers also do part-time teaching or lecturing. Others become agents, promoting and selling the work of other photographers.

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