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Fashion Merchandiser Job Profile

July 13, 2024 - July 13, 2024   

Find out the typical duties, requirements and opportunities of a merchandiser…

Job description 

Merchandisers ensure that products appear in the right store, or on a website, at the appropriate time and in the correct quantities. This involves working closely with the buying teams to accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels and monitor performance.

While the buyer selects the lines, the merchandiser decides how much money should be spent, how many lines should be bought, and in what quantities.

In smaller companies, the same person may be responsible for both buying and merchandising.

Merchandisers play a key role within retail, as profits can be affected by how successfully they undertake their work. Merchandisers set prices to maximise profits and manage the performance of ranges, planning promotions and markdowns as necessary.

They also oversee delivery and distribution of stock and deal with suppliers.



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