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Fashion Journalist Job Profile

July 13, 2024 - July 13, 2024   

Find out the typical duties, requirements and opportunities of a Fashion Journalist…


Job Description

A fashion journalist can be anyone that works within the fashion media; this could be for a publication, website, TV channel or advertising company. The term fashion journalist is not specific to one role, it may be that you are a stylist, fashion editor, fashion assistant, fashion reporter etc”¦ Many fashion journalists work freelance, allowing them to change companies and partake in various job related activities. The primary aim of a fashion journalist is to display current trends publicly through the media. As a fashion journalist you will conduct extensive research from within the fashion industry.  You will choose significant issues, matters, styles and major events for publicizing.

Typical Duties


Skills and Interests


Job Requirements

It is not strictly necessary to have a degree, but most fashion journalists will possess one, even if it isn’t relating to fashion. Experience and determination plays a major part in achieving this role. Some fashion journalists start off by working for a local newspaper, whereas many go straight into the specialist field of fashion journalism depending on their experience.


As a fashion journalist you will get the chance to travel to various locations, and meet a wide range of contacts in the fashion industry. You may be able to progress to fashion editor of even chief editor, if you work hard enough. There is also the option of changing field, so if you’re working for a magazine you may want to switch to working within television instead. Freelancing allows you to take control over the work you do, but to do this you must have good commercial awareness and be able to sell yourself and your work. Typical starting salaries range from £15,000 – £26,000, but may be as low as £12,000.vMany graduates have to work unpaid, sometimes for long periods of time, before securing a paid job. If you have some experience, salaries are often negotiable. Senior staff usually earn between £18,000 and £35,000. Working within a major publication, or becoming an editor in chief of a magazine, your salary could range from £22,000 to £65,000+.

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