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Fashion Forecaster Job Profile

July 19, 2024 - July 19, 2024   

Find out the typical duties requirements and opportunities of a fashion forecaster… 


Job Description

Fashion forecasters predict upcoming trends, and present trends that are on the decline. Silhouette, shoe shape, textile choice, colour schemes, skirt lengths and jewellery are all within the scope of a forecaster’s vision. As a fashion forecaster you will look at sales figures and record patterns or trends that emerge. Forecasters must be in touch with multiple markets. Grunge began as a regional statement going national when Marc Jacobs introduced his “grunge” collection in the early ’90s. “Street up” looks originate regionally, among local trendsetters, and are then copied by designers. Competent forecasters look to both designers and the public. Publications, designers, textile manufacturers and forecasting services all employ fashion forecasters. To be a fashion forecaster you must understand the world of a consumer.

Typical Duties


Skills and Interests


Job Requirements

There currently aren’t any specific courses for fashion trend forecasting, but any course relating to the relevant field will prove useful. Most of the work is learnt on the job, and is proven with natural talent for the role. The best way to get into this position is by completing work experience or an internship within a company. This will give you a chance to work alongside a fashion forecaster.


It really depends on what company you end up working for. If it is a publication, you may move on to a stylist or fashion writer role. And if you are working within a fashion retailer you may be able to progress to a merchandiser position. The salary varies from company to company.

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