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Costume Designer Job Profile

June 16, 2024 - June 16, 2024   

Find out the typical duties,requirements and opportunities of a costume designer… 

A costume designer is responsible for the design, creation and purchase of costumes and accessories worn in television, film and theatre productions.

Typical work activities include:

When working on a mid or large-scale production, the costume supervisor, wardrobe manager and other members of the team will be responsible for the actual physical realisation (buying or making) of costumes. However, when working on a small-scale, fringe or low-budget production, the costume designer may also be responsible for the following work activities:

What qualifications and experience will employers look for?
To become a costume designer you will need a high level of design skill and creative vision, as well as practical sewing skills. In practice, many costume designers have a BTEC HND, degree or postgraduate qualification in costume design, fashion, theatre design or performing arts (production). Check with colleges or universities for exact entry requirements.

Alternatively, you could start as a wardrobe assistant or costume maker andwork activitiesdirector and lighting designersinternet and librariescostume supervisorwardrobe managerphysical realisation costume designer

managing the cocostume budget

What qualifications and experience will employers look for?

Costume design, fashion, theatre design or performing arts (production).wardrobe assistant or costume maker a work your way up to designer as you build experience and contacts in the industry.

Whatever your qualifications, you should find practical work experience and build a good portfolio or ’showreel’ DVD of your design work to show to potential employers. You can get relevant experience through:

You may be able to start in the film and TV industry through an apprenticeship-style new entrant training scheme, such as the BBC’s Design Training Scheme, or schemes run by Film and Television Freelance Training (FT2). Competition for places on this type of scheme is very strong, and selection processes are tough.

Contact Skillset Careers to find out about any new entrant training schemes that may be available

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