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5 of the Most Popular Fashion Industry Jobs

May 27, 2022 - May 27, 2022   

The fashion industry is a competitive field where many find creative careers worth striving for.

With careers such as distributor jobs, there is a lot of competition but if you are focused and passionate about your work along with a creative mindset, it is possible to flourish in this field.

New trends are continuously being introduced and they often find audience traction and therefore, it’s a huge challenge to get into a settled position in this dynamic industry.

If you want to be the next big thing you have to work hard with 100% dedication.

The fashion industry encompasses an enormous field with a vast number of job roles and opportunities for young graduates.

We have arranged a list of the top 5 most popular career options for people who want to consider a career in the fashion industry, and these are as follows:

  1. Fashion Designer

Is one of the most prestigious jobs in the fashion industry. The role of a designer includes designing new collections in line with the brands signature style. A designer with a creative mindset brings diversity to the fashion industry. Their role includes initial design ideas, colourways and prints, selection of fabric, reviewing samples to fittings and the presentation of end product to potential buyers.

It’s essential for a fashion designer that he/she has excellent sketching skills because they have to initially sketch the collection before moving on to patterns and sampling.

Fashion designers can specialize in a particular market / style e.g. designer womenswear or can work across several lines to incorporate other products such as accessories

  1. Fashion Photographer

The main motive of a Fashion Photographer is to take creative and professional pictures of fashion products to ensure they sell. The photographer is the one who presents the product in front of the consumer.

The photographer needs to understand the brand / designer brief and ensure that the images represent and look cohesive with that brand.

Fashion Photographers may work in-house for a brand or designer, others work on a freelance basis creating images for magazine editorials, advertising, websites, catalogues, portfolio test shots for models and look books. Photographers need to be able to adapt from shooting in the studio to on location. Some specialize in certain fields, for example: catwalk photography or fashion editorials.

  1. Fashion Model

Models can represent the face of a brand and therefore they have to resonate with that brands core audience. It’s essential for a fashion model to have a portfolio that reflects their style and versatility. To begin with a fashion model will need to work with photographers on ‘test shots’ – images that will build up her/his portfolio. Models will then need to attend go-sees and castings to meet photographers, editors or possible clients. It is essential that they take good care of themselves, turn up on time with a friendly attitude.

Fashion model’s today must be active social media users and promote themselves and their latest work on these channels. A good fashion model should be able to cover catwalk, photographic and film with confidence and ability.

  1. Fashion Blogger

There are many fashion bloggers that have their own blog website as well as work on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

It is relatively easy to start as a newbie in fashion blogging the trick is building up a loyal following. It is essential for a fashion blogger to have his/her own unique personality and take on fashion. A fashion blogger also needs to choose their platform wisely. The most common blogging websites are: WordPress.com, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.

Fashion bloggers need to have a clear, engaging writing style and also be able to work with a camera for stills and video, knowledge of editing these mediums is also an advantage.

  1. Fashion Graphic Designer

This career is suitable for a person that loves to work with graphics and images, logo’s and layouts. They will need to be knowledgeable and gain experience using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and InDesign. While a creative imagination is required a good graphic designer will understand what the client wants and be able to convey this message visually. A logo can say a lot about a brand or designer and it has to right – so a successful graphic designer in this field will understand how fonts, colour and motifs need to work cohesively.

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