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3 Helpful Hacks For A Fashion Career

April 15, 2024 - April 15, 2024   

Breaking into fashion is frustrating — you might have the skills to pay the bills but sometimes having talent isn’t all that’s required.

Combining dedication with strategic savvy can sometimes separate success from failure in the style stakes.

So here are three helpful career hacks for those with a passion for fashion.

Get to grips with digital 

Fashion is naturally a tactile hands-on business.

But if you don’t harness the potential of digital tech to boost your business, your entrepreneurial plans could be left hanging from a thread.

Pinterest and Instagram are great social media platforms for keeping your eyes on the latest trends and influencers.

And they allow you to share high-quality images of your own products and promotions quickly and cheaply.

Your own blog and website are other must-haves — while a Facebook business page lets you create your own online community where you curate content especially suited to your target audience.

The great thing about digital marketing is that you’ll listen to what customers love and tweak your offers accordingly — still staying true to your creative vision. Many modern creatives also set their sights on Patreon as an excellent source of sustainable crowdfunded cash —for a monthly fee you can offer sponsors exclusive deals and sneak previews of your new collections each season.

Get qualified for success 

If you’re not naturally blessed with a business brain to match your creative genius, studying a business degree in your spare time might be a wise move. Fashion can be cut-throat — so studying an MBA as an online degree might protect your investments by getting you up to speed with subjects like project management and finance.

These types of courses are excellent for entrepreneurs keen to prime their practical know-how.

And online learning offers the flexibility to fit studies around the demands of launching a new business, networking and showcasing your latest designs.

Another benefit is that you’ll most likely meet students of a similar mind-set — and these cool contacts can transform into future collaborators.


If you’re a sharp seamstress or terrific tailor you should strive to secure a paid internship with a firm that you love.

The cash you’re paid might not make you rich, but you’ll get to grips with the company culture and mix with style professionals you already admire. An online registry like Fashion United can help you find the ideal internship that allows you to boost your career and fill your little black book to bursting point.

Even if you don’t find a hands-on placement, an opportunity with a fashion magazine or popular blog will still provide the opportunity to mingle with insiders — so keep an open mind and be brave when opportunities arise. And make the most of an offer once you start — follow fashion do’s and don’ts so you leave with a sparkling reference and bags of confidence to take into your own venture.

Launching a career in fashion is a challenge, but these three helpful hacks will ensure you’re cut from the right cloth.

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