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Woven tops and dresses – Quality Guidelines

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Does anyone really know what Quality means? As a brand you really do need to know all the details behind your garments so that’s why we have created a set of four handbooks for you to use.  We have honed into the exact detail of formal and casual trousers, dresses and blouses, how to measure and also a review of how to conduct a visual quality control review of your garments within a factory. These handbooks provide an excellent way of also communicating with your factory so they understand too your exact requirements. Always eliminate the risk of sampling and production going wrong – be one step ahead.

Contents of the Guidelines:

1.1 Seams & general makeup

1.2 Linings
1.2.1 Lined dresses/ tops & bagged out armholes 1.2.2 Lining hem options
1.2.3. Double turned hems
1.2.4 Pin hems
1.2.5 Babylocked hems

1.3 Hems
1.3.1 Doubled turned

1.3.2 Scrolled
1.3.3 Felled
1.3.4 Baby/super overlocking 1.3.5 Coverseam

1.4 Darts & tucks
1.4.1 Dart positioning & construction

1.5 Collars

1.6 Cuffs
1.6.1 Looped button cuff

1.6.2 Cuff link
1.6.3 Bound cuff 1.6.4 Overlocked cuff 1.6.5 Raw edge

1.7 Facings
1.7.1 Back neck facings

1.8 Vents & splits

1.9 Pockets
1.9.1 Patch pockets

1.9.2 Quarter/ frogmouth

2.0 Button and buttonholes 2.0.1 Buttonholes

2.0.2 Buttons 2.0.3 Plackets

2.1 Belt loops
2.1.1 Ribbon loops

2.1.2 Chain loops

2.2 Zip openings
2.2.1 Secondary fastenings

2.3 Straps & adjusters
2.3.1 Removable straps

2.3.2 Boning 2.4 Shoulder pads

2.5 Binding 2.5.1 Ties


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