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TR Pattern Cutting Master Course


Date: from27-07-2018 to 28-07-2018

Address:FTA, Unit 13/14, Crusader Estate, 167, Hermitage Road, Haringey, London N4 1LZ.

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The TR Pattern Cutting Master Course is led by five times master cutter Claudette Joseph. Claudette has been teaching TR pattern cutting for many years and is a TR pattern super master, she also runs an annual TR Pattern Cutting workshop with the creator and founder of TR Pattern Cutting, Shingo Shato, in her Essex studio.

TR pattern cutting translates into immediate and intuitive 3D draped creations in opposition to the more conventional artisan 2D techniques generally encountered. The concept will be easily accessible and a rewardingly creative process to put into practice.

Following on from the TR taster course learners can progress onto the master course with a series of two day workshops. All learners must complete stage 1 before they move on stage 2 and 3. Each session takes place from 10.00 – 16.00 across two consecutive days.

Stage 1

Day 1 – Technical demonstration of TR concept, exercise on half bodice & half skirt (designing into the volume)

Day 2 – Demonstration of TR-3D, Integration concept (Balloon & Twist)

Stage 2

Day 1 – Transforming sleeve and bodice, (bamboo bodice and bamboo sleeve)

Day 2 – Vortex technique onto the half bodice or half skirt

Stage 3

Day 1 – Origami technique onto bodice

Day 2 – Origami collar

In the workshop you will be required to have basic sewing skills, pattern cutting theory is not required during these processes.

Previous learners on this course comment:

“Speechless, revolutionized, it’s just turned it all on its head for me! There is nothing I can’t do right now, I’m just looking at things saying ‘yes, I can do that’” – Chioma

“I have learnt multiple new skills including the creation of a ribbon skirt and dart absorption. I have had a great two days! I am shocked at what we have achieved. Claudette is a great teacher.” – Aimee

The two-day master course is to be held on 27th and 28th July and costs £385 per person.



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