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FC Business Bundle 2

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Bundle 2 – Sampling and Production

1. Construction and finishing guidebook – An easy to understand guide

of all the different types of finishing and what should be used within

different markets to ensure you have the right finishes for your brand.


2. Swatch book template – Example and excel template to organise your

fabrics so you have all the information in one place.


3. How to measure guide – Example and template to fill out body

measurements including a fully illustrated guide of where and how to

measure to industry standards.


4. Size specification – Full example and template showing how your

sample measures at each stage of the development process including

your sample tolerance.


5. Fitting log – Simple fit log which can be used to make notes during

the fitting process and ensures you are written confirmation and

agreement with your supplier of the changes you would like making.


6. Guide to sizing and grading – A simple guide to navigate the difficult

decisions when it comes to deciding on your size measurements with

tips and tricks to get it right first time.


7. How to work with your manufacturer – Top 10 tips and tricks to

creating a strong relationship with your manufacturer including things

to look out for when visiting.


8. Labelling guide – A guide and explanation of all the labels you will

need to ensure you are legally protected as well as branding your image.


9. Guide to fabric testing – An easy to understand guide detailing what

tests you will need carry out on your fabrics or ensure you fabric supply

have testing report which you have on file.


10. Production schedule example and template – Example and template

of a production schedule which you can use to plan your project from

start to finish assigning responsibility to each team member.


11. Critical path example and template – Example and template of a

critical path used to monitor and manage the progress of your project

and understand which critical milestones will effect your deadlines.


12. Production Docket example and template – Example and template of

a production docket which is an essential document detailing your

production which act as a communication tool to your manufacturer.


13. Quality control checklist – Template to check your production

throughout the process including two documents which detail how this

is carried to ensure professional checks and a quality outcome.


14. Stock list – Template to take stock and monitor all of your assets

including garment, fabric, trims and labels.


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