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United Repair Centre London – Featured on Sky News

June 20, 2024 - June 20, 2024   

The launch of the United Repair Centre at Fashion-Enter Ltd Haringey with Patagonia has generated press coverage far and wide. From Germany to Italy back to the UK, it seems the media has really caught on with a drive forward in clothing repairs and repurposing textiles.

Last week, 14th November, Sky News came to the factory to film and interview FEL CEO Jenny Holloway, Alex Beasley from Patagonia UK, Thami Schweichler, CEO and Founder, United Repair Centre and Paul Kerssens, COO at the United Repair Centre.

Compiled by Mickey Carroll, the interview went live on 18th November on the ‘Climate’ section of Sky News with the dramatic headline: Repair is a radical act’: London factory to reduce waste by renewing 30,000 garments a year.’

Speaking frankly to Mickey, Jenny Holloway said: “This is the future that you’re seeing here. We should be getting every day of a life of a garment. We should not be throwing garments away.”

Alex Beasley commented: “Repair is a radical act. Just by that simple act of repairing rather than buying new, you’re pushing back against the system that defines us as consumers [instead of citizens]; it helps us to reduce consumption.”

“We believe that repair and reconditioning of clothing is at the core of the change of the fashion industry,” added Paul Kerssens, Chief Operating Officer at the United Repair Centre.“So it is our ambition to really make the system change. And the centre here in the UK, we’re starting small, but our ambitions are big.”

To read the full article and watch the short Sky News video tap here

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