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Profile – Rachel Browne

October 28, 2021 - October 28, 2021   

Rachael browne





Having spent the majority of her working life in the field of business and management accountancy, Rachael’s eye for detail and precision in numeracy has proven to be a valuable asset to her new career in fashion design.  Although Rachael has been juggling her dual world of accountancy and fashion for some time, she has now made the decision to give her full focus to the fashion industry with her new creation ’Co-jac’.  Rachael describes Co-jac as a versatile coat jacket style suitable for all ages and sizes.  Its off the shoulder cut provides a chic and enhancing look which caters for all occasions and seasons.  A unique and exclusive design which from its conception has proven to be a popular trend appealing to wide audience.  Since its exhibition at three recent fashion shows: Profile 6 trade show, Kulture2Courture (K2C); and Flames and Fashion, her design has generated much interest and rave reviews on each occasion.  She has since been approached to exhibit this line at ………………..??? where new exciting lines will be on display.


Rachel is a young designer with a mature outlook on the world of fashion, recognising the need for comfort ability, flexibility and sophistication in order to cater for individuality and free expression.

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