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Just – Style Features Jenny Holloway Quote

July 13, 2024 - July 13, 2024   

Just-Style the global apparel and sourcing website invited Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway to comment on the UK government decision to lift COVID-19 restrictions on the 19th July.

Jenny Holloway, CEO at Fashion-Enter Ltd said: “I do think it’s time for common sense to prevail and that’s exactly what we shall do at FEL. We will keep all sanitising stations and expect clients and staff to wear face masks. As CEO I am watching carefully the number of new cases which is being estimated to reach 50,000 a day in the papers today; fortunately the death rate is not rising substantially but it’s all too early to accurately predict. The welfare of staff, their families, clients and our learners totally takes precedent here. This is not an easy time for anyone.”

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