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FEMINI – press release

April 15, 2024 - April 15, 2024   


Monika and Kasia began climbing the fashion ladder early, working with every available material found in the late polish 80’s.

We both opened, at nearly the same time, boutiques with our own designs in Cracow. We were 22-year-olds without any real knowledge of business and rules of sawing.


The first few zears were tought, but we gained a lot of experience.

During our first meeting we realized that we shared a similar design enthusiasm:

“To give individuality to each piece of design”.


We merged in 2001 to form FEMINI© to create ultra-feminine designs finding inspiration in everything…


Never compromising on materials and tailoring we want to create designs that are full of feminine charm. The fabrics, textures and cuts have a womanly effect that has caught the attention of polish celebrities.

Our previous collection was loved by the press and featured in polish editions of Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.


FEMINI creates two lines:

         Special Design by Femini – unique models

         Femini – special clothes for day-to-day occasions.

FEMINI is known as the most creative and dynamic label on the polish market.  Along with our boutique we also work with more than twelve others in various places across Poland.


We produce unique models as well as clothes for day-to-day occasions in quality fabrics with hand detailing.

Our new Spring/Summer Collection is based on the concept of style which skillfully emphasizes femininity.







Essential detailing and pastel colors are the heart of the new FEMINI world such

as: Flower crochet, pal stone and pleated borders or piping on chiffon.

Unique design of our velvet coat with pleated shawl rim and hand made flower pin will give you a very chic and fresh spring look.

Fashion Capital gives us a great oportunity to introduce  Femini design in the UK.


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