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FC Designer Collective – Ukrainian Designer Nataliia Horbenko on GBNews UK

May 23, 2024 - May 23, 2024   

GBNews UK came to FEL’s FC Designer Collective on Fonthill Road to interview two Ukrainian fashion designers as the war hits its one-year anniversary…

Nataliia Horbenko came to the UK from the Ukraine in April 2022 and designs and embroiders clothing and accessories. Since December 2022 the FEL team have been thrilled to be able to support and sell her work at the FC Designer Collective. Nataliia likes to work with wool and linen to create her unique, embroidered pieces and she does this with incredible skill and attention to detail.

In the GBNews interview Nataliia talks about how being a refugee in London has given her the opportunity to promote her Ukrainian products, she also speaks emotionally about Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and how he has become a brave leader.

The news story also includes fashion designer Alina Liubchenko, both designers have become friends since relocating to London. However, Alina has been struggling to find a host home for herself and her young son while she continues to work in the fashion industry.

Watch the short news story via YouTube via this link:

With thanks to GBNews UK.

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