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May 19, 2024 - May 19, 2024   

Ten years ago Doreen Adusei created FASHIONWORKS a fashion and design consultancy funded by the London Development Agency. Run by designers for designers, FASHIONWORKS aimed to provide premium end programmes to nurture, prepare and guide London’s emerging creative and technical talent. Bridging the gap between college and industry and providing that all too elusive pathway to employment.

Almost one-decade later FASHIONWORKS holistic approach to preparing new designers for careers still continues but the services that the consultancy provides have developed and evolved in conjunction with its varied and diverse clientele. Acknowledging the ever-changing needs and requirements of the creative industries FASHIONWORKS no longer provides a set and fixed amount of programmes. Services provided are primarily determined by the client, be it development sample making, pattern cutting, press, marketing, advertising, production, manufacturing, buying, studio space, forecasting etc. As a result, the consultancy has embraced and nurtured the talents and skills of fashion, textile, accessories, interior, graphic designers, photographers, stylists, illustrator, journalists and costumers both established and up and coming.

The FASHIONWORKS Hallmark has always been a crossover between the worlds of creativity, technical skills, production and retail in keeping with this contributors come from all fields, designers, agents, buyers, manufactures, innovative pattern cutters, brand, marketing and PR consultants. FASHIONWORKS success can be measured not only by the creative talents that have passed through its doors, but by the growing willingness of established designers such as Boudicca to make themselves available as real time mentors to the next generation, giving, according to Adusei, “a tremendous edge to what participants learn, and the quality of exposure and apprenticeship they get which becomes a major factor in their growth. Hence the intention is nothing less than training and nurturing the next generation of world-class designers and creative technicians”.

Adusei’s entrepreneurialship paralleled with the success and achievements of FASHIONWORKS has earned her a seat on The London’s Creative Industries Commission representing, as always, the interests and views of those in fashion and design


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