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June 30, 2022 - June 30, 2022   

Social Trading Site Launches




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fashionspace.com® is a “social-trading”
site for anyone who works or plays in fashion. The revolutionary new site offers
designers, creatives or anyone interested in fashion, the opportunity to create
a bespoke profile & shop to showcase, swap and sell their products and
services. Whether you design, create or consume fashionspace.com is the site to
show, trade, swap items, network and simply immerse yourself in all things


Social networking, the current trend sweeping the online world is soon to be eclipsed by a new movement, ”˜Social Trading’. Combining the web’s two most popular elements, social networking and e-tailing, fashionspace.com is set to become the dominant player in this emerging market, by enabling this unique amalgamation.

The easy to use website combines functionality with cutting edge design, allowing users to create a personalised online shop from which to sell their designs. Once a profile has been set-up, members can buy, sell or swap their items, source stylists, hair and make up artists, commission designers, as well as all the traditional elements of social networking.

Using some of the world’s freshest emerging talent, as well as first time designers who are looking to either launch a career in the fashion world or simply sell their own creations, fashionspace.com is the destination for all things fashion.

Womenswear designer Richard Sorger, Winner of the 2007 On/Off Visionary Award, describes fashionspace.com as:

“”¦a great helping”“hand for designers who want to break into the fashion industry and network with like-minded creatives. Fashionspace.com is also a great ”˜little black book’ for shoppers who want to covet items from the freshest emerging talent.”

The site has been in development for over a year and is the brainchild of 22-year old former fashion student Holly Bellm. Having studied at The London College of Fashion, Holly realised the need for a platform to showcase emerging design talent and deferred her final year to write the business plan and obtain financial backing for her venture.

Holly explains:

“I was surrounded by all this amazing, undiscovered talent that needed a cost effective platform dedicated to fashion and the arts.  It then struck me one day that there was a whole unexplored world whereby people could buy, sell and swap their designs within a virtual trading community.  It seemed to make perfect sense to develop a site that provided an outlet for all this talent, like those designed for music.”

Notes to editors:

”¢    Richard Sorger was the recipient of the 2007 On/Off exhibition visionary award, supported by fashionspace.com

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