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Fashion Enter On Sky News

May 27, 2022 - May 27, 2022   

Fashion Enter and Production Manager Caroline Ash featured on Sky News.

As the most anticipated event of the fashion calendar London Fashion Week kicks off today you may have seen Fashion Enter grace your television screens discussing British manufacturing and the importance of skills training in the UK.

Footage of the Factory and Fashion Studio featured on Sky News with Production Manager Caroline Ash talking about the success of the Factory and how demand for British Manufacturing was on the rise with more retailers seeing the benefits of taking their production back to the UK. The Factory at full capacity with the order books complete for the next 8 ”“ 10 weeks is proof we can compete with factories overseas!



’London-based Fashion Enter Ltd, a factory making garments for clients such as ASOS and M&S, has never been so busy.

Production manager Caroline Ash said its order books are full 10 weeks in advance.

“We are finding it’s actually boosting our business,” she said.

“And because we have a Stitching Academy on site we are training new stitchers so we are not so reliant on a European workforce.”

The company also gets most of its fabric from Leicester and, therefore, is not affected by prices hikes from China.

But, like many other manufacturers in the industry, the business does rely on foreign workers.

There are questions over what potential new immigration rules would mean for highly skilled workers from Europe working in Britain.’

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