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Drapers On Manufacturing in Leicester

June 16, 2024 - June 16, 2024   

On the 18th February 2021, Isabella Fish published an article centring on Boohoo’s new manufacturing unit in the heart of Leicester. The piece also included links to Fashion-Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway and her up and coming plans to open a training academy in the area.

Andrew Reaney of Boohoo Group told Drapers: “Jenny Holloway, owner of Fashion-Enter, is due to open her own new academy in Leicester later this year, so we’re also having conversations with her around any third-party training that we might need, as obviously we are super-conscious of the skills shortage as a result of Brexit.

“So, do we think we can get the workers locally notwithstanding Brexit? Yes, we can. Will there be a requirement for training? Absolutely there will. Could that training be third-party with someone like Jenny? Yes, absolutely. They are conversations that are ongoing. It may well be that we do some internal training and some external training as well.”

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