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Croydon Advertiser: Kate Moss Wannabes Flock to Croydon

May 23, 2024 - May 23, 2024   


Kate Moss wannabes flock to Croydon

Jun 13 2007


KATE Moss wannabes flocked to Croydon’s Centrale shopping centre hoping to win a modelling competition.


The Fashion Enter boutique in the centre held an ’Are you the next face of Croydon’ competition on May 31, with more than 200 girls thinking they were good enough.


Jenny Holloway, director of the boutique, said: “It was fabulous. The reason we are in Croydon is it’s buzzing with raw talent.


“Some of these people who came through our doors were really talented. Some were fashion designers, some wanted to be models, some were illustrators.”


On the day the girls – mostly aged between 16 and 18 – tried on outfits from 40 different designer collections, 20 of which were by Croydon based designers.


Jenny said: “In the end, we had about 145 models which we whittled down to 67 and then we photographed about 40 of them.


“Obviously we based it on look and height but personality as well. You do not have to be six foot to be a model. You can have a great face and be quite short.


“It was nice for the designers to have a free fashion show as well.”


The shop has got in contact with Kate Moss’s modelling agency Storm to help get Croydon’s raw talent recognised.


Jenny said: “We are going to send her the portfolios and the designer collections. She should recognise her roots and give something back to Croydon.”


The event was so successful the boutique wants to hold another one in the summer.


Jenny said: “It was meant to be 9am to 5pm but it went on until 8pm.”


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