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Comment on Brexit Deal Rejection Featured in Drapers

April 15, 2024 - April 15, 2024   

The overwhelming rejection of the PM’s Brexit deal by 230 votes made history in the Houses of Parliament (15th January 2019). With the government and the possibility of an alternative deal hanging in the balance UK business leaders have expressed frustration and anger with the government failing to reach a compromise.

FashionCapital/Fashion Enter CEO Jenny Holloway, amongst others from the fashion sector spoke frankly to Drapers about their concerns, published the very next day by Tim Clark and Isabella Fish, Jenny said:

“Brexit is a mess. For us it’s the lack of certainty because we can’t make plans in investment and recruitment, and it just feels as though we’re treading water. Business can’t stop, so we just have to carry on and be aggressive.” 

The article explained how the fashion sector relies heavily on imported materials and international talent, is particularly vulnerable to Brexit-related headwinds.

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