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CEO Jenny Holloway Featured on LondonLovesBusiness.com

April 14, 2024 - April 14, 2024   

In recognition of International Women’s Day (8th March 2019), LondonLovesBusiness.com has featured an article on three inspirational social-entrepreneurs, one of which is our very own CEO Jenny Holloway. From childcare to fashion to water, these women are thinking beyond company profits and exploring the bigger picture.

Posted by Sarah Dunsby on LondonLovesBusiness.com on the 8th March, read on to find out what Jenny Holloway, had to say about their career journey’s and maintaining an ethical ideology to the core of their business…

Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Enter

I started Fashion Enter because an unscrupulous third party basically forced me to put my ten-year-old design company into liquidation. I was heartbroken at the time and the only way I was able to get over the shock of being so trusting and basically so stupid was to think that I wanted designers to never make the same mistake as I did. Money was secondary…doing “good” was what provided my motivation.

It’s been a journey. I have had many ups and downs during the last thirteen years but we are now expanding and we have deep foundations.  We have helped 1000s of people to obtain real industry skills and also upskill. Despite the current gloom over apprenticeship figures and the levy, we are up on our apprenticeship intake working with 33 retailers at both level 3 and 5.  We love education and learning – this is what empowers people today and we have had some wonderful success stories such as Marquel who went on our Level 1, 2 and then had a Level 3 apprenticeship with DSI (making costumes for Strictly Come Dancing) now he has his own label Yodea.

Our next step is to open a state-of-the-art Tailoring Academy for higher level skills and we are already working with Harrods, Savile Row tailors Gieves and Ralph and Russo. If there is one message I want to really get across is that social enterprise works.  When you make money secondary to the greater good of people and their lives nothing is more fulfilling than this sense of satisfaction and I have met the most inspiring and amazing women.

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