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May 19, 2024 - May 19, 2024   

Find out how we work with ASOS.com in both production and education.

ASOS.com has supported Fashion Enter Ltd with investment in its North London based Factory, Stitching Academy and Fashion Technology Academy. Read all about the partnership on the ASOS.com corporate website:


In partnership with Haringey Council and Fashion Enter.

In 2015, following the successful launch of the Stitching Academy, ASOS and Haringey Council partnered again with Fashion Enter to create the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) in Haringey, London.

The college offers accredited vocational qualifications and technical training across the whole manufacturing lifecycle. This includes machining, pattern cutting, quality assurance, finishing and machinery maintenance.

ASOS supplied all technical equipment and machinery for the project as part of our commitment to transform young lives through fashion and to support the retention of declining industry skills in the UK.

“ASOS is committed to building its business in the UK. Developing skills for the future is a key factor in enabling the growth of UK manufacturing. ASOS supports the Stitching Academy and the new Fashion Technology Academy in London – it’s a great set-up, that will provide training for a young workforce and provide opportunities for careers in manufacturing.”

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